Kimberly Prather dedicates significant time educating the public on climate and air pollution issues by giving lectures at the SIO Birch Aquarium, San Diego Natural History Museum, radio (NPR), TV broadcasts (PBS, CNN), local schools. She and members of her research group take science communication very seriously. She has given public lectures and participated in videos and news interviews, including an ACS YouTube Video on CAICE research. She also works with local schools in economically challenged regions to reinvigorate science education through the use of environmental (particle) measurements.

During the pandemic, Prather has been heavily involved in helping local San Diego K-12 schools and UC San Diego reopen safely by considering the airborne transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. She has now conducted over 600 national and international media interviews on how to protect oneself from airborne exposure to this virus. She was involved in writing a FAQ that has been translated into numerous languages and used worldwide on “How to protect yourself from SARS-CoV-2".

Highlights of her group’s research have appeared in the popular press including the LA Times, CBS Evening News, Discover, Scientific American, Al Jazeera, and National Geographic.

Prather has been in a number of documentaries including a 2016 documentary entitled "Death by Design"
that won awards in several Film Festivals. She also participated in a very popular Reddit session with CAICE students on the Ask Me Anything (AMA) program (July 2015).

Professor Prather’s research focusing on aerosols and climate has attained tremendous public
interest and has received extensive media coverage. Some recent examples with links to popular
and technical press news or feature articles indicative of public benefit and interest are below:

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